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transformer oil filtration,oil degasification,Oil Purifier System Oil Purification Machine Oil Regeneration-Oil Purifier

1 Set/Sets
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Insulation Oil
Chongqing China (Landmass)
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100 Set/Sets per Month
Oil Purifier
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Quick Details
Product Description

transformer oil filtration, oil degasification, Oil Purifier System Oil Purification Machine Oil Regeneration

transformer oil filtration, oil degasification, Oil Purifier System Oil Purification Machine Oil Regeneration


This system is designed for reclamation (restoration to operational condition) of electrical insulation oils with viscosity as much as 70cSt at 50 levels Centigrade,For Degassing, solid particle removal, nitrogenation and heating of transformer oil, filled into energy transformers.

The machine reduces acidity number and dielectric loss tangent by over 90%. The oil reclamation system enables amazing and purification of oil with use of silica gel.

The system may be used throughout installation, repairs and operation of oil-filled high voltage equipment up to 110KV (energy transformers, high current switches, ETC).

working principle:

The key function is removing Water, gasses, Harmful particles and light hydrocarbons from oil. The operating principle is very simple. The machine works under vacuum conditions. The oil is drawn with an electric immersion heater which boosts the oil for an optimum temperature. The oil will be forced by atmospheric pressure in to the vacuum chamber. There it leaves the Duplex three dimensional stereo system-evaporation device, which could maximum area exposure and accelerate water removal, the relaxation solid waste is going to be strained by fine filter once the oil being released from the vacuum chamber. As the oil is uncovered towards the vacuum, water (free, dissolved, and emulsified), dissolved gasses and Air, and other low range volatiles are vaporized from the oil, and following the last process for fine filtration. departing a purified and conditioned oil to safe operating standards. The vaporized gasses are drawn off with a rotary vane vacuum pump via a small trap where a few of the condensate is collected. The rest of the gases are exhausted to atmosphere.

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Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co., Ltd
China (Mainland)
13 Huoju Street, Jiulong Industrial Park, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing City. China
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Please send your inquiry to: oilpurifier@hotmailWe are a number one waste oil purifier manufacturer and exporter. We've many different types of oil purifier, waste oil recycling machines, for example engine oil purifier, Turbine Oil Purifier, lubricant oil filtration, hydraulic oil filterinf, waste oil renewable machine, insulation oil treatment, and transformer oil reclamation plant. We practice within this line greater than 10 years, so there exists a strong technology and gain wealthy experience. Our items happen to be released to a lot of nations, and obtain a high status. We give guarantee to any or all our clients of reliable quality items, reasonable cost and best service. Personalized designs and specifications are recognized. All of your queries is going to be highly welcomed, and we're expecting our lengthy-term cooperation for-win. feel free, call us now to learn more!