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Turbine oil purifier/Emulsified oil purfier Regeneration Oil Recycling Oil Regeneration Oil Filtration Oil Purification-Oil Purifier

1 Set/Sets
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Lubricant Oil
Chongqing China (Landmass)
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100 Set/Sets per Month
Oil Purifier
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Quick Details
Product Description

Turbine oil purifier/Emulsified oil purfier Regeneration Oil Recycling Oil Regeneration Oil Filtration Oil Purification

Turbine oil purifier/Emulsified oil purfier Regeneration Oil Recycling Oil Regeneration Oil Filtration Oil Purification

It's employed for dealing with the unqualified turbine oil, particularly the seriously emulsified turbine oil. Thia series, which could quickly and effevtively take away the water, gas and harmful particles striving at tubine oil's character of high wter content, easily emusified and high impurity content, result in the oil achieve new oil standard.


1. Breaking emusification thoroughly by means of polymeric materials

2. Dewatering high-effectively with once and for 2 steps dehydrator method, TY series can completely take away the liquid water, free water and 80% of dissolved water.

3. With zhongneng's distinctive getting rid of harmful particles technique blocking through double FH trapezoidal network and absorbing by polymeric materials, this machine could make the &beta3 exceed or comparable to 200 and result in the cleanness not exceed grade 6(NAS1638)

4. With the trapezoidal , Spiral, automatic back flashing system.

5. Using the advanced dielectric condensation products.

6. On-line oil purification could be completed with turbine or water turbine instantly without person.


This machine breaks emulsification completely, and the oil is tough to be emulsified again after treatment. Its lack of fluids volume is big and it may drain from the water online. TY series, which prevent lube system in the damage, can effectively extend the duration of oil and safeguard turbine and other machines.

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